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Link to the Strategy

Organisation Strategy

Every organisation should have a clear vision and strategy.  The change managers roles is to ensure the organisation strategy is intriguingly linked to the transformation programme to the appropriate organisation, business, IT and/or customer strategy.

People are empowered by a clear strategy and purpose. Empowered teams participating in the transformation and decision-making process have a lot more ownership with the opportunity to directly impact on strategy execution, business benefit realisation and improved business performance.

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Not the Change Managers Role

It is NOT the role of the change manager to develop the organisation, business nor change strategy.

We acknowledge some organisational change leaders may have the skills, knowledge and experience to develop strategy.  However, the success of any change initiative is wholly dependent on the organisation defining and owning their organisation’s strategy and the transformation programme’s strategy, goals and benefits.

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The Change Strategy

As noted above, the change strategy is defined by the business, however, a successful change strategy may require the involvement of managers and employees on the ground early in the programme of work.   

Facilitating this bottom up process is not the change managers role, however, it is important to engaged with the process if possible.  Engaging at this early stage will provide the change manager with critical information for the stakeholder analysis.  And, bottom-up goal setting is great for innovation plus it provides opportunity for early engagement with key stakeholders

Linking the Change Initiative Strategy

The change programme must link to the appropriate organisation, business, IT and/or customer strategy.  The programme needs to consider three dimensions:

  1. The organisation strategy for the core business initiatives.
  2. The strategy for the transformation programme to complement the business and generate the agreed benefits.
  3. The need to consider and plan for possible interactions between the business and the change programme. This must include both opportunities, such as planned synergies, and risks, such as potential cannibalisation and/or disruption of the core business

Document the Change Strategy

However, the proposed change won’t go anywhere without executive buy-in and ongoing support. So, get it and get it early.

The change manager will work with the sponsor and business stakeholders to confirm and document the strategy in the Change Management Plan.

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