About X4mis 

X4MIS® is the innovator in the global Change Management market. 

We are unique in the global market because all our on-line change management methodology and training collateral is available FREE to the world. 

While we will give freely all the X4MIS on-line collateral, to help fund this initiative we anticipate revenue generation:

  1. For organisations which can reasonably afford the expense of affiliated X4MIS Practitioners delivering X4MIS Consulting 
  2. The delivery of X4MIS Training, classroom, virtual, on-line or in-house
  3. The accreditation of X4MIS Change Practitioners 

Established in 2020 it has been in development since the founder created the initial methodology in 2006 while leading a change management practice for a boutique UK management consultancy.

X4MIS CHange Management Methodology

Charities and other organisations without the funding to deliver organisational change management with their transformation programmes and projects are encouraged to contact us for our Pro bono services.

WE Believe 

Organisations are not utilising effective change management practices to ensure their transformation programmes are successful. Research from McKinsey and others, suggested 60% - 70% of all transformations failed without effective change management.  This is often because organisation do not have the necessary resources or budget.

X4MIS’s free on-line resources can be used by those organisation which lack resource and budget, empowering those leaders and decision makers in all walks of life, across the globe to enact effective and affordable change.

While there is an immediate need by local business, we believe there are global organisations and countries implementing transformation programmes who do not have ready access to change management resources.  We are doing this also in the belief the X4MIS open methodology can have role improving the effectiveness of their programmes and in some way contribute to world prosperity and peace.

About the Author

Bruce Swain X4MIS
  • Bruce Swain is the Founder, Director of X4MIS Limited and principle in the development of the X4MIS Change Management Methodology.
  • He has worked in the change arena since 2005, and related people performance and HR disciplines for 14 years before that.  He has real life experience in technical, business and organisational change programmes in New Zealand and globally.
  • Before returning to NZ in 2009 he was the People and Change Management Centre of Excellence practice manager for a boutique UK consultancy, delivering change programs to telecoms, government and customer service sector.
  • Since his return to NZ he has continued to actively engage in the change management community and business transformation programmes. 
  • He believes embedding the required change into your organisation may not be as complex as some people suggest and the essence of change can be as simple as enabling people to "want to do it".