X4MIS Methodology Training

In parallel to the development of the methodology we are developing the learning competencies for the processes and procedures

All training will be criterion based, there is no pass mark, learning is confirmed by the ability to demonstrate the required competence.

We will not be creating paper manuals, we’re not into cutting down trees, everything is on-line and will be kept up-to-date.

Refer to our consulting services for customised training and coaching

X4MIS Accreditation

Accreditation is only provided by X4MIS Limited based on competency outcomes or work place deliverables which will be aligned to NZ and other country learning standards where possible.


There won’t be an exam as such, as learning does not require memory recall.  You can always refer to the available processes and documentation during training and in real life.

To study and learn

Learn X4MIS

Or experiment and remember

Experience X4MIS

Change Management Fundamentals

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X4MIS is developing an On-line Change Management Fundamentals Certification, to be released in August. We're seeking participants to trial the Beta version for free


As with the methodology, all the training material will be available FREE on-line. 

Organisation around the world are encouraged to affiliate with X4MIS to deliver the training.  Then share their learner’s demonstration of competence so practitioners can be registered as accredited with X4MIS

Coaching and inhouse Training

X4MIS Consulting services also offers...

Coaching and in-house design of your change management portfolio / programme

Training - customised change management training programmes with a focus on the creation of your Change Management Plan (CIP)