We Believe – Organisations are not utilising effective change management practices to ensure their transformation programmes are successful. Research from McKinsey and others, suggested 60% – 70% of all transformations failed without effective change management.  This is often because organisation do not have the necessary resources or budget.

X4MIS’s free on-line resources can be used by those organisation which lack resource and budget, empowering those leaders and decision makers in all walks of life, across the globe to enact effective and affordable change.

While there is an immediate need by local business, we believe there are global organisations and countries implementing transformation programmes who do not have ready access to change management resources.  We are doing this also in the belief the X4MIS open methodology can have role improving the effectiveness of their programmes and in some way contribute to world prosperity and peace.

X4MIS Limited Consulting

Change V Transform

In addition to the X4MIS FREE on-line Change Management Methodology, X4MIS offers organisational change management consulting:

  • Consulting Services and Resource to assist and guide executive teams with planning or initiating their transformation programmes
  • Free Executive Briefing for executive and management teams who need to better understand Why, what and how to start their transformation journey
  • Change Management resource to assist with your transformation and technology programmes
  • Coaching and in-house design of your change management portfolio / programme
  • Training – customised change management training programmes with a focus on the creation of your Change Management Plan (CIP)

Charities and other organisations without the funding to deliver organisational change management with their transformation programmes and projects are encouraged to contact us for our Pro bono services.