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The X Factor 

Scope and Impact:

  • To transition from the current situation to the new business vision a clear change strategy must be defined
  • The true level of change required is nearly always underestimated.
  • The first step is to acknowledge the nature and scope of change required to optimise the business opportunity or strategy – and be honest about the gap in all areas.


  • You must identify, measure, track and report on the establish benefits defined in the business case
  • Realising the benefits of change requires active and focused processes.
  • Continuous benefit analysis allows the change team to identify early warning signs and adjust the programme to deliver as expected

The Message:

  • Change happens, most easily, from the top down.
  • Commitment to change and new ways of working must be demonstrated from the top, through the embodiment of appropriate values, behaviour and ways of relating and communicating with others
  • Change leaders must demonstrate the ‘We are already there’ values and behaviours that are aligned to and supportive of the future vision.
  • Creating an open and responsive environment for feedback is important, without feedback from peers and subordinates the leader and change team are isolated from what’s really happening

What is Changing? – the “Big Picture”

Who owns the change?

Why are you making this change?

What are the benefits, “what’s in it for them?

What must not / should not change

How will you know the change outcomes have been achieved?

How will you know you are getting there?

Supporting Tools (coming soon)

X4MIS Change Management methodology - xfactor

Key Steps to Follow

1.    Coming soon



Skills and Knowledge

Skills and knowledge for each X4MIS Component will be published in the Training Section (work in progress).

While the Change Institute will provide X4MIS training, the Change Management Methodology is Free to use and by association any qualified organisation can offer training for the defined competencies.