All the content discussed in this change management fundamentals eLearning course is available free after you complete the training in the X4MIS Change Management Methodology. Each lesson will include content available in the methodology. You will be required to click through to the methodology to review information, processes, procedures and to download change management tools. The X4MIS Change Management Methodology is continuously updated with new and additional content, processes, procedures and tools. Using the methodology as the reference ensures the eLearning course is always up-to-date. Each of the following lessons will have a test, you can take as many attempts as you want to complete a test and as long as is required. We also suggest you refer to the methodology for answers if required. In a real on-the-job scenario you do not have to remember every detail about change management, you can return to the anytime to refresh your memory and get the latest information. There is no final test. When you have completed all the lessons and tests you will receive your certificate. Enjoy your eLearning, contact us if you have any questions… good luck