Welcome everyone to the first X4MIS Newsletter.

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We all know the world needs to change, X4MIS is the manifestation of my mission to bring change management practices to organisations lacking in resources and budget; empowering those leaders and decision makers in all walks of life, across the globe to enact effective and affordable change.  X4MIS’s free on-line resources can be used to ensure their transformation programmes are successful, and our world can be a better place for their efforts.

What’s happened since our last update?

For those that don’t know, I’ve quit my full-time job to focus on my passion, the development of the X4MIS free on-line change management methodology.  Right now, as well as working on X4MIS, I’m consulting and contracting for a number of organisations part time juggling contract commitments to create the time to focus on X4MIS.  Focusing on my passion at the expense of being paid was never going to be easy but not living into my purpose for being was not an option.

Much of my free (X4MIS) time has gone into a website site upgrade, partially for aesthetics but mostly to enable the Knowledge management and e-learning functionality to be built into the website.  The website development (NOT my area of expertise) and contract distractions mean I haven’t made as much progress on the methodology as I planned but, with most of the website updates complete and the Newsletter plugin working I have some more time to focus on other parts of X4MIS.  Please check out the website and tell me what you think?

Training & Development

In parallel with the methodology development, I’m creating on-line training, some will be free, like the “how to complete a stakeholder assessment” and some we intend to charge a minimal price for like the “X4MIS Change Management Fundamentals” (NZ$ 299.00).


The original training goal was to develop and deliver the first X4MIS Change Management Practitioner Training course early December this year, 2021.  However, at my current pace, this is likely to move to Q1 2022.

Seeking Collaborators

Two of my blogs last year on the X4MIS website, LinkedIn and Facebook “Collaboration Part One” and Naked Dancing Guy seeks First Followers” invited others to join me on my journey to develop a Free on-line change management methodology.  That’s how some of us met. 

It is abundantly clear many organisations are not utilising effective change management practices to ensure their transformation programmes are successful due to a lack or resources or budget.  X4MIS’s free on-line resources can be used by these organisations to empower leaders and decision makers in all walks of life, across the globe to enact effective and affordable change for the betterment of humanity.

If you can envision a world where the tools to make real change are at every leaders fingertips, or are passionate about change management and believe what we believe, then I invite you to join the X4MIS team.  Your help documenting the methodology, assisting with the training development or even website improvements will be most welcome.  I can’t do it on my own… well I can and I will if I need to, but collaborators are always welcome and will bring about change a lot quicker than I can on my own.  Please email me if you’re interested and want to know more.

I hope you’re all safe and well during  the Covid pandemic whatever state your country is in.

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