Naked Dancing Guy seeks first followers


Originally posted Nov 2019, updated Feb 2021.

I stole a line from “Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy” and added naked, as I was feeling a little vulnerable sharing this post 2 years ago.  I felt like a version of the lone nut shirtless dancing guy. 

The YouTube video, with over 4 million views, resonated with me back then and still does now, as we grow our 2nd followers team developing the X4MIS free Change Management Methodology movement.

So, here’s the thing, I’ve been working on this idea for some time and we’re some ways down the road with the X4MIS Change Management Methodology Framework.  However, working full time and creating part time means progress is slower than desired,  so we’re reaching out to believers to help finish the job.

X4MIS Change Management Methodology

Why another Change Management Methodology? … you’re not the first to ask that question, and aside from the usual “why not”, two key reasons drive us to dance:

  1. We believe our free on-line resources will be used by organisation which lack resource and budget, empowering those leaders and decision makers in all walks of life, across the globe to enact effective and affordable change.
  2. Feedback we’ve received is the methodologies and subsequent training or certification from other organisation is more about revenue generation and less focused on enabling change

Want to help with the momentum?

We’re seeking individuals or organisations to contribute to the development of X4MIS directly joining the team or indirectly submitting content, questions to ask, steps to follow, supporting documents and skills & knowledge requirements.  I have gathered a bunch of collateral over the past 10 years but always welcome new and additional thought which can add value to X4MIS V1.0 Free on-line methodology.  

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