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X4MIS - The FREE Open Source Change Management Methodology

The X Factor

Describe the scope, impact and benefits of the change, then deliver a compelling message.

The 4 Cs

Defining the culture, competencies, capabilities and capacity to deliver the change.


Measure progress, identify & acknowledge success and systematically manage resistance.

Change Programme

Formalise a programme of change.

Embed Change

Reinforce and emded the new state.

X4MIS Portfolio - Tools

The Organisational Change Implementation Plan

Used to define the overall scope and strategy to deliver the change initiative.

Stake Holder Analysis

Used to identify and define your key stakeholder groups.

Force Analysis

Used to identify and capture the organisational & stakeholder drivers and resistors of change.

Business Readiness Assessment

Confirm the business is in a ready state to accept the change.

Benefits Plan

Confirm the hard and soft benefits of change.

Cultural Audit

Complete a cultural audit of the organisation and key stakeholder groups.

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