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The X4MIS Change Management Methodology is a framework for planning, delivering and troubleshooting change programmes.  These articles within each pillar represents principles that can be applied to any change situation.  They do not represent a specific law nor sequencing specific to a timeline.  Use this Article as it best fits your change situation.

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Measure Progress

Measure against the Business Plan and Business Benefits

Manage the Business Benefits Profile rigorously

Assess, reassess and adjust during the programme

Manage Resistance

Resistance to change comes in both overt and covert forms.

Managers must be able to recognise and respond to resistance positively, so that it is dispelled and not allowed to slow progress.

An unconscious ‘agreement’ that ‘things can’t change’ cannot be allowed to build

Manage Success

The level of employee engagement, as much as the results they deliver, is a true measures of success.

Define the measures, both statistical and emotional including key performance indicators and key success factors

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