How much change management effort is required

How much effort is required

The effort required will vary dependent on the scope of change and complexity of the transformation and the organisation delivering it.  The table below can be used as a guide to focus the minimum activities required for various sized change programmes.


Brief description

Number of People Impacted

Project activity

> 100

30 to 100

< 30

Business Change Sponsor

Confirm a senior / executive sponsor from the business is leading the change


Change Manager

A change manager is dedicated to the programme



Business Change Team

The team, led by the sponsor and change manager plus change leads from affected divisions/groups of the organisation.  Ensure they have the capacity to deliver




Change team  training

Training for the change management team skills and competencies to deliver the following activities




Define the change strategy

Executive change strategy statement included vision, goals, benefits, and measures



Linked to organisational strategy

The change strategy links to and delivers on the organisation’s strategy



Linked to organisational vision

The change strategy links to and delivers on the organisations vision, values, strategy



Linked to business plan

The change strategy links to and delivers on the business plan




Linked to project plan

The change management plan integrates with the project management plan to ensure constancy of activities and messages




Business readiness assessment

Pulse checks to assess and confirm stakeholders are prepared for the change.




Change impact assessment

Confirm what is changing (in addition to the new technology) and the degree of change anticipated.



Stakeholder analysis

Who is impacted by the implementation, directly, indirectly, or partially affected and observers?  Whether they are influencers, early adopters, resistors or by standers, plus actions to work with and manage these.



Stakeholder interviews

Ratify the stakeholder analysis, confirm the “way we do things now”



Change Implementation Plan (CIP)

Document everything above in the change implementation plan



Change communications plan

Draft and approve the plan, include formal and information communications. Deliver communications as prescribed, includes written (email), meetings, notices, posters, etc.



End user training

Normally managed within the project



Go-live activities

Focused activities to support the stakeholders at go-live



Post go-live

Support activities for the stakeholders’ post go-live



Embed the change

On-going change management activities to ensure the “new way of doing things” is embed in business as usual.



Lessons Learned

Review of the change programme, what worked well, what can be improved




Technology Driven

The matrix below suggest the change effort and capability required for technology driven change projects.

Organisational Change

This matrix suggests the effort and capability required dependent on the impact of an organisational change initiative on the people in the organisation, customers and other stakeholders.

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