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The X4MIS Change Management Methodology is a framework for planning, delivering and troubleshooting change programmes.  The articles within each function represents principles that can be applied to any change situation. 

Articles do not represent a specific law nor sequencing specific to a timeline. 


The Enable function provides the tools and processes to deliver a successful change initiative.  It is primarily about setting up and enabling the change management team.   

The change Management Team

Change Managers as a function can’t enable change across a large organisation by themselves. They need support from all divisions of an organisation to enable people to want to be a part of the change.   The change team can be made up of:

  • Leadership Teams – Telling the story of change by framing the reasons for change and enabling change itself. 
  • Change ManagersResponsible for building the change capabilities across their organisation by empowering end users and delivering solutions.
  • Change ChampionsFrontline workers who lead change as early adopters and hold individual conversations with their units about strategy.
  • End-users – Frontline workers or customers who are expected to absorb new technologies, processes and organisational shifts.

Enabling the Team – the 4cs

The following sections discuss the skills, knowledge and competencies required for the change management team.  We often define the team requirements as the 4Cs. 

  • Culture – a shared mental Model
    • the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of people, teams, or the organisation
  • Competency
    • the skills and knowledge to complete responsibilities efficiently and successfully – “the intangible assets which can be drawn upon to achieve the objectives”.
  • Capability
    • the tools to complete the requirements – “the tangible assets required to achieve the objectives”.
  • Capacity
    • the time available to meet deliverables


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