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Embed the Change

Embedding The Change

Website Under Development - Supporting Tools, key Steps, Skills and Knowledge Coming Soon

During the Programme:

  • Focus on the vision and strategy
  • Leaders embrace the change
  • Engage the change champions
  • Resource, restructure, recruit for the new model
  • Checkpoints and programme redirections

Post Launch:

  • Post Implementation Plan
  • Reinforcement and refinement – continuous improvement
  • Benefits tracking and realisation of the commercial results
  • Performance management, ongoing learning and development, workforce strategy, retention programs

Have you spelled out the impact of the change on people?

Have you built both an emotional and a rational case for change?

Is your leadership team — all the members, yourself included — acting as a role model?

Are your people “owning” and accelerating the change?

How deeply is the new behavior embedded in the fabric of the organization?

Supporting Tools (coming soon)

X4MIS Change Management methodology - embedding the change

Key Steps to Follow

1.    Coming soon



Skills and Knowledge

Skills and knowledge for each X4MIS Component will be published in the Training Section (work in progress).

While the Change Institute will provide X4MIS training, the Change Management Methodology is Free to use and by association any qualified organisation can offer training for the defined competencies.