Here's how you can contribute to X4MIS

1. Share Content

Anyone can share content to the Knowledge Base including a document or XL template, process or procedure, case study, story, questionnaire, etc.

  • Articles submitted to X4MIS, which are suitable, are saved and shared in the Knowledge Base with your details and contact information you provide.

2. Contribute to the Change Management Knowledge Base

Add content to the X4MIS Change Management Methodology (details below).

  • Resource who contribute to the continued growth of the Methodology are invited to join the X4MIS Team.  Although it is not mandatory to join.
  • This is an unpaid position at this time, however, we have mapped out a 10 year business plan for X4MIS Limited which will include future shares, dividends and annual returns for team members
  • We are also seeking resource to assist with the development of the on-line fundamentals training and development of the X4MIS practitioner learning Competencies
  • We have a Project Manager who will coordinate the assignment, completion and upload of Knowledge articles
  • Contribution to the development of X4MIS will be acknowledged in the knowledge base within the methodology content with links back to contributors websites

3.  Delivery of the X4MIS Practitioner Training Programme

In parallel to the development of the methodology we are developing learning competencies for the X4MIS Change Management processes and procedures

  • The learning competencies will also be Free to the world
  • Organisation around the world will be invited to affiliate with X4MIS to deliver the training
  • Affiliated training organisation will share their learner’s demonstration of competence for X4MIS to review and register learners as accredited X4MIS Change Management Practitioners
  • Practitioners who engage and contribute to the Methodology or training will be offered early affiliated training positions

4. Become an X4MIS Consultant

The next phase of the business plan is the growth of X4MIS Consulting.

  • Certified X4MIS Change Management Practitioners will be invited to contract and deliver change programme assignments globally under the X4MIS umbrella
  • There will be other opportunities to contribute as X4MIS grows

Contributing to the Knowledge Base

The X4MIS Change Management Methodology has 4 Functions (knowledge bases).  Each Methodology Function contains the methodology Processes and Procedures called Articles:

  1. Compose – gather all the information
  2. Manage – put all the information in a plan and manage the programme
  3. Embed – lock in the change
  4. Enable – skills, knowledge and culture of the change team

Options to contribute are:

Write or update an Article

Choose an article that has not be documented and write the process or procedure;

  1. Pick an unfinished, incomplete article in the methodology, then either
    • Submit the Article; or,
    • email us to advise you’re working on it
  2. Create a new article, it can be any process or procedure which adds value to a methodology function

Write the content in a format that can be cut and paste into the website knowledge base (word document, email, etc.) include any pictures or templates then send to me to update

General Content or Stories

These are general topics which add value to the methodology functions and articles and may include.  

  • Change guides, statistical data or reference information a user should know
  • Stories, examples of completed change programmes emphasising a scenario, process or tool
  • Rules, which should be followed when dealing with any change situation

Articles may reference a fact, story or rule and visa-versa

Submit Resources to Download

Share a tool or template which a user can download.

    1. Template can be in any format, PDF, word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
    2. It should include a how to best use it process or procedure unless there is an Article already with the process

An article may reference a resource and visa-versa

Other content updates

  1. Suggest changes to the methodology
  2. Suggest changes to the website
  3. Write a posts
  4. Other