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What is Change Management #2

What is change management: a definition

Change management is the application of processes, methods, body of knowledge, skills and experience to bring about the people side of change and therefore optimise the benefits of an initiative.

Context of organisational change

Change management is never about the technology. Nor the structure change, or business processes, or strategy or culture. Said another way, change management isn’t about the content, it’s about the context.

At it’s core, change management is about getting people to change their behaviour. And to do that you never focus directly on people’s behaviour, instead alter the context of how it shows up, and the behaviour will change automatically.



Change management optimises the benefits of change:  By increasing the speed the new ways of working are adopted, the relative skill levels required, and the willingness people have to embrace the change, you increase the productivity of the organisation – dramatically. 

Article provided by Daniel Lock  – www.DanielLock.com

This content is also available via Daniel’s website and 7 part email course providing practical tips for people leaders to take their teams through change. 

  1. The impact change can have on your team and business
  2. Typical emotional reactions to change and how to manage these
  3. How to communicate effectively during change
  4. Recognising and managing resistance to change
  5. The role of leadership in change 
  6. Leading Change
  7. Six steps to lasting change:  a checklist to live by


“Which brings me to my final point, one of the key tactics of an effective change manager is to ask good questions and listen.  Really listen”.

“So, I’d like ask you a question: what you are struggling with? What would you like to know that would make a difference in your career and the projects you’re working on? Hit reply and let me know.  Until the next lesson, keep in touch…

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