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About the X4MIS change management Methodology 

The X4MIS Change Management Methodology is a framework for planning, delivering and troubleshooting change programmes.  The articles within each function represents principles that can be applied to any change situation.  Articles do not represent a specific law nor sequencing specific to a timeline. 

About the Compose function

The Compose function provides the tools and processes to to analyse and define all points of contact which impact a successful change initiative.  The following are an introduction to principle Compose function activities.  

We chose Compose because of the similarities to creating a symphony, create the outline, then the movements and within each movement the sonata, munuet, scherzo and variations.  Then you're ready to deliver the concert.

Defining the SCOPE AND IMPACT of the change

The underlining activity of the the Compose function is to define the scope and impact of the change, understanding

  • The true level of change required is nearly always underestimated.
  • The first step is to acknowledge the nature and scope of change required to optimise the business opportunity or strategy – and be honest about the gap in all areas.
  • The level of change required is driven by the impact on the organisation, customers and people.  The diagram below suggest the impact and engagement of typical organisational drivers.
  • The full impact of any change will be confirmed during the Compose function.

How much effort is required

The effort required will vary dependent on the level of change and the transition from the current situation to the new business vision which requires a clear change strategy. The following diagram is an example assessment of change for technology based projects.

X4MIS Change Management Methodology

The level of change required is also driven by the potential impact on the organisation, customers and people.  The following suggest the impact of a number of example initiatives.

X4MIS Change Management Methodology - change drivers
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