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Naked Dancing Guy seeks first followers

Yes, we’ve stolen a line from “Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy” and added naked, as we’re feeling a little vulnerable sharing this post.  However, this fantastic YouTube video, with over 4 million views, resonates with us right now.  We're feeling like a version of the shirtless dancing guy, so we're seeking first followers to join our crazy movement to prove we're not the lone nut.

So, here’s the thing, we’ve been working on this idea to create a change management methodology, and we’re some ways down the road with the X4MIS Change Management Methodology, but knowing what we know about ourselves (creative, working full time, less great at delivering) we’re in need of some first followers to help finish the job.

X4MIS Naked Dancing Guy

Why another Change Management Methodology? … you’re not the first to ask that question, and aside from the usual “why not”, two key reasons drive us to dance:

  1. Feedback we’ve received is the methodologies and subsequent training or certification from other organisation is more about revenue generation and less focused on enabling change
  2. The X4MIS® Change Management Methodology and supporting tools are available FREE ON-LINE FOR INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANISATIONS

Want to help with the momentum?

We’re seeking individuals or organisations to help with content, questions to ask, steps to follow, supporting documents and skills & knowledge requirements.  We’ve gathered a bunch of collateral over the past 10 years but welcome new and additional thought which will add value to X4MIS V1.0.  Additionally, help with the Web and Wikipedia pages would be great.

Original Dancing Guy YouTube Video ->

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