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Collaboration Part One

Why a collaborative FREE Change Management Methodology is better:  Part One – Contributors and Adopters

X4MIS - Change Institute New Zealand

X4MIS® is a disruptive play in the global change management methodology market, primarily in that it is FREE to use “Open Source”.

Adoption will ultimately depend on people and organisations using it but, value and growth will come from people contributing to the methodology, the supporting documents and processes.

The greater the collaboration and contribution to the X4MIS methodology, the greater its value and the more people and organisations that will use it… and so on.

Why Collaborate?

In these types of open source projects, a few collaborators are inspired by a hatred of fee raking tactics of the global change methodology providers, a minority are driven by altruistic motives, while some see their involvement as a path to a new role: by showing off their skills in the open source community they can enhance their future employment or promotion opportunities.

For the majority however, the primary motivation is recognition; they want the acknowledgement of their peers for doing good work they enjoy and are passionate about.  This provides a sense of achievement and in the process will help solve problems for organisations seeking solutions to their change challanges.

Through the efforts of our many collaborators X4MIS will continue to grow, through the accumulation of knowledge, mutual criticism, support, imitation and a little thievery, creating a complex, valuable and reliable change management methodology further increasing the value of their contributions.

It’s essential for it to be easy for adopters to contribute to the global development of X4MIS and we’re facilitating this by partnering with an organisation providing cloud based process management software for creating and storing business processes online. It's easy to use, and being a fully web based tool, process changes are performed and approved online, in the cloud.

What's Open Source?

Open source gives away intellectual property so other people can freely use it.  It is also an invitation to participate and collaborate in creating something special.  Open source ownership of a project becomes powerful when it enables mass collaborative and innovation.  For that to be possible many ideas have to be combined; contributors have to meet or virtually connect with one another.

This is not a new idea, X4MIS revives, among many people, Fred Moore’s idea - that sharing with likeminded contributors can be a more effective base for productivity and delivery as compared to the traditional corporate ownership model

X4MIS Change Management Methodology

Open source is software that nobody owns, everyone can use and anyone can improve and open source licensing is a way to hold ideas and information in common in a way that under the right conditions can encourage mass collaborative innovation.

Bugs in a software programme often become apparent only when the programme is tested in many different settings. Better 1,000 people making different tests at the same time, than a single person making 1,000 tests one after the other.




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That is why open source programmes are often more robust than proprietary change management methodologies:  They are tested and proven much earlier by a much wider group of users.

  1. We Think-  Parts of this blog are stolen from “WeThink, Mas innovation not mass production, by Charles Leadbeater”.
  2. Fred Moore- one of the founders of the Homebrew Computer Club, a computer hobbyist group established 1975 recognised for developing one of the first successful  collaborative projects.

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