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What is the role of the Change Sponsor?

The Change Sponsor provides leadership for the change programme.     Their role is to be the visible change champion, articulating the vision and direction.  The level of leadership is dependent on the level of change.   Change at the strategic level impacting the organisation, employees and customers requires an executive, CEO, COO or board level change…
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Five things your change consultant won’t tell you

I’ve worked in the change arena since 2005, and related people performance and HR disciplines for 14 years before that.  I’ve engaged in a number of technical, business and organisational change programmes both in New Zealand, the UK and Europe.  During this time I’ve meet a number of consultants that tended to overestimate and overstate the complexity of change…
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Collaboration Part One

WHY A COLLABORATIVE FREE CHANGE MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGY IS BETTER:   X4MIS® is an innovator in the global Change Management Methodology market, primarily in that it is FREE to use “Open Source”. Adoption will ultimately depend on people and organisations using it however, its real value and continued growth will come from people contributing to the methodology, supporting…
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Naked Dancing Guy seeks first followers

  Originally posted Nov 2019, updated Feb 2021. I stole a line from “Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy” and added naked, as I was feeling a little vulnerable sharing this post 2 years ago.  I felt like a version of the lone nut shirtless dancing guy.  The YouTube video, with over 4 million views, resonated…
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