Newsletter 01

Welcome everyone to the first X4MIS Newsletter. You are included on this newsletter distribution because you have registered with X4MIS, contacted me directly about X4MIS, asked about my current activities via LinkedIn… Or, you’re a 1st level Change Management contact on LinkedIn. We all know the world needs to change, X4MIS is the manifestation of my […]

Five roles Change Managers should not perform

I’ve noticed a number of Change Manager (CM) job postings recently listing tasks change managers do not perform.  While CMs can multitask across other roles, those tasks are not part of the Change Manager Role and are not required in CM training except to highlight there existence and who performs them. That said, many CMs […]

Integrating change management into the project life cycle

The use of change management tools by portfolio, program, and project managers can provide multiple benefits: The transformation programme is not divided between project management and change management, there is one path for achieving business benefits and organisational goals. Because change management activities are seamlessly embedded within the project life cycle, change management is not […]