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The 4cs

The 4 Cs - Enable the change

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  • creating a shared mental model
  • the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of people, teams, or the organisation


  • the skills and knowledge to complete responsibilities efficiently and successfully – “the intangible assets which can be drawn upon to achieve the objectives”.


  • the tools to complete the requirements – “the tangible assets required to achieve the objectives”.


  • the time available to meet deliverables

Does the company have a stated cultural?

What are there existing company or group stereotypes?

How will the new culture be demonstrated, what different attributes and behaviours will people have?

How is the new culture linked to company values?

Are their existing behaviours which are inappropriate or unacceptable?

Supporting Tools (coming soon)

X4MIS Change Management methodology - The 4 Cs

Key Steps to Follow

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Skills and Knowledge

Skills and knowledge for each X4MIS Component will be published in the Training Section (work in progress).

While the Change Institute will provide X4MIS training, the Change Management Methodology is Free to use and by association any qualified organisation can offer training for the defined competencies.