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The X4MIS® Change Management Methodology was developed over 10 years through the  interactions and experience with organisations with real life change requirements.

The methodology has transformed multiple times from the original version developed and used in the UK in 2007. The framework has evolved most recently through the collaboration of expert resource in preparation for its release in 2017.

The methodology continues to develop, transform and grow with the efforts of the X4MIS team and its many collaborators

The X4MIS Change Management Methodology Framework

The X4MIS Change Management Methodology Framework

The X4MIS Difference

What differentiates X4MIS from other methodologies?

  • The X4MIS Change Management Methodology, supporting tools and processes is FREE to everyone to use.
  • The X4MIS Change Management Methodology is driven by the business strategy incorporating programme and project execution within the change process.
  • We believe the project supports the change rather than applying change management to the project.
X4MIS represents:

A framework for planning, delivering and troubleshooting change programmes

  • Fundamental principles that apply to any change situation
  • Learning from real experience in organisational change management
X4MIS doesn’t represent:
  • The only way to do business
  • Specific laws and sequencing that specifies a timeline

About the Author

Bruce Swain

Bruce Swain is the Founder and is principle in the development of the X4MIS Change Management Methodology.

Bruce is a senior change and programme manager with 20 years’ experience in NZ and globally who has an extensive background in human resources and people development dating back to the 90s.

Before returning to NZ in 2009 he was the People and Change Management Centre of Excellence practice lead for a boutique UK consultancy, delivering change programs to telecoms, government and customer service sector.